TwoMills Herd, Suffolk 

The TwoMills herds of Galloway Cattle are based in Pakenham, just outside Bury St Edmunds in a beautiful corner of West Suffolk.The prefix is derived from Pakenham village, the last in England to still boast a working windmill and a working watermill.

TwoMills have Belted Galloway, White Galloway and Riggit Galloway cattle (many with red genetics) grazed extensively and the majority live out year round, some come in for first calving observation or to comply with Higher Level Stewardship grazing agreements.

Galloway cattle are slow maturing native breeds of cattle with unique qualities that convert grass and forage to beef (and hide) in a sustainable way and are actively used by conservation partners to manage natural grassland for the benefit of wildlife and fragile ecosystems.

The Riggit Galloway programme is a true conservation project in its own right; seeking to breed red Riggit cattle, a near extinct colour type Galloway cattle.

We are always interested to hear from local conservation bodies and landowners who would appreciate the grazing and aesthetic benefits of the TwoMills herd and flock and by affording selected grazing can make a real contribution to this livestock conservation project.

Jeremy Perkins is very keen on encouraging new breeding members and in the last year has supplied foundation stock to three new herds.

TwoMills Herd were delighted to host the Riggit Galloway Cattle Society summer meeting and farm walks for 2014 in Suffolk. The first GCS registered red Galloway (solid) heifer calf on the ground to Rufus of Hindhope and shortly after the end of the formalities the third marked heifer calf was born and named TwoMills Summer Jamboree to commemorate the event

TwoMills genetics can be found in herds throughout the Country including Scotland and Wales and also in Germany.

TwoMills also have a flock of pedigree Roussin Sheep with rams for sale.


Please call Jeremy Perkins at anytime for a chat and advice. Herd visitors always welcome.

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