Sherberton Border reiver, Riggit Galloway bull , with Two Mills herd
© Dave Franciosy

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Summer Jamboree 2015 currently in progress in Dorset, home to 2 Riggit cows

The ‘Riggit’ Galloway cattle are a well documented archaic strain of Galloway, easily identifiable by the white stripe, running down their spine. (The term ‘riggit’ is a Scottish vernacular reference to this stripe, and seems to be Scandanavian in origin ) The main body colour can be black, blue/black, red, brown or dun.  The white colouration may include a widening of the stripe to cover much of the back, particularly on the hind quarters, white under the keel of the animal, and white flashes amongst the solid colour. Other breed points would largely correspond with more common Galloway types, including their being naturally polled, of medium frame, with beef confirmation,  a thick ‘dual’ coat, and ability to thrive on poor pasture.

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After its formation, The Riggit Galloway Cattle Society has been lucky enough to be granted the patronage of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.
His Royal Highness is well known for his interest in, and support of, rare breeds of livestock, and this patronage is a tremendous boost to the society's standing.

There are members spread all over the United Kingdom from Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland to the Western tip of Cornwall so if you want to see some of these cattle contact the Secretary who can put you in touch with your nearest breeder.

Hatherland Mill Show Team at Devon County Show 2011 showing Sherberton Dory and Sherberton Dotterel



Sherberton Dory owned by Alison Bunning being shown at Devon County Show 2012 by John Coaker
photo by